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Impressive features your team is offering. Gets better every week. My family is up to 4 cars ordered and today updated 2 to Rg models Big power sand cars are fun but these should be a kick to play with in the sand as well

I am still sad from 1999 you not winning the Indy 500 ! At the river Labor day weekend watching the race I cracked a beer as you took the white flag and then it all went to shit ! You had some great Indy car moments. Your boy has to go back and watch with you ! ( CHASING DOWN ANDRETTI AFTER THE RACE WAS OVER ) EPIC . thanks for the entertainment.

I missed you in other cars for sure. I asked you about missing the other disciplines in Long Beach after getting out of your truck. You had a hell of a grin when you said, “these are so much more fun”. I’m just glad to see you race. I’m looking forward to supporting Max in his future ride as well. Cheers!

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