Robby Gordon has designed, engineered, and innovated race cars at the highest levels for over 30 years as a team owner. From the original trophy truck to the 2019 UTV of the year, the motorsports industry continues to feel the influence of Robby’s imagination.

Don’t get even. Get ahead.

Now globally recognized, Gordon began his career racing off-road, and he continues to share his passion for a planet that is far from flat. With Speed Super Trucks, SPEED UTV, Speed Energy, Speed Tools, and SPEED RC, Gordon continues to create a wide variety of fun, useful and exciting products under the SPEED ‘S’ brand for everybody to enjoy.


Name one person with more energy than Robby Gordon. We’ll wait…

Grueling races such as the Baja 1000 and the Dakar Rally require extreme energy. Building your own UTV brand demands it.

Robby shares the energy through a healthy blend of vitamins and caffeine known as Speed Energy. So when you’re out in the sand, snow, or streets, you can order a case of Robby’s potion and energize your own adventure.


Stadium Super Trucks’ high flying action has allowed the series to grow, becoming one of the most viral motorsports series, thrilling fans online and at track around the world.

The most video viewed motorsports in the world.


After longstanding partnerships with Snap-on tools in the Indy Car Series and Mac Tools on the NASCAR circuit, Robby Gordon picked up a thing or two about tools.

Combine that with the need for mobility and organization over a decade of competing on the global stage with the Dakar Rally, Robby Gordon is now forging his own mark on the high-end tool industry with Speed Tools – a high-quality, all-in-one, orange and anodized, gunmetal, next-level tool organization kit made for those on the go.
Organize and capitalize over at SPEED TOOLS.


After reversing the fortunes of Polaris with the development of the four-seat RZR, delivering 2018 & 2019 UTV of the year to TEXTRON/Arctic Cat with the Wildcat XX, Robby Gordon again is poised to redefine the utility vehicle and truck market with his own brand, SPEED UTV.


Not everybody is ready to jump a Stadium Super Truck at the Long Beach Grand Prix or race the Mint 400 in a UTV, and that is why we have SpeedRCCars for kids of all ages.