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I have a piece of the hood from one of your #ssupertrucks when you showed up in Del Mar for the #tufftrucksracing during the SD county fair! @robbygordon

@robbygordon I remember when you were jumping through there in a super buggy, im Rick welchs son, always remember going over to your pits back in the day at glen Helen and la colliseum!!

I’ve been an Off-Road Racing fan since I was 3. My cousin raced in the 1600 class. I remember going to tech inspection and hanging out in the pits and watching all the big guys work on their cars. Ivan Stewart, Walker Evens, Rod Hall, the McMillan’s, Larry Schwacofer, Rodger Mears, the list goes on and includes you and your dad. I work for an airline now and Parnelli Jones was on my flight from Long Beach to Vegas. We talked the whole flight about those days of racing. The best memories when I was a kid. My boyfriend broke the news to me this morning and I’ve been sad the whole day. Everyone in the Off-Road community is like family. My heart goes out to you and your family. Keeping everyone in my prayers. Your dad was a good man and will be missed dearly.

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