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It looks absolutely amazing Robby, so awesome to see it coming to life, I shoulda just put a deposit when you were first designing them in the very beginning

Your crew has built some amazing vehicles a lot of knowledge in that shop. The fact you want to build 40 a day is just amazing. Keep up the fantastic work

Did you notice the winning Parker 250 Pro NA KRX was modified to run front steering and lower shock mounts on the bottom arms?

Is the steering wheel for the RG models going to be an MPI like shown in the vid or similar to that? Looks sweet.

Come on @robbygordon we will rock this baby Diablo (master #918) #proudfutureowner at @scoreinternational and @themint400 !!!

What dates will you be out testing in AZ? Want to.make sure I’m in town at the house so when you drop that pin, I can come check it out.

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