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@robbygordon great to see Max in the truck. That Kid is has one hell of a teacher keeping the Gordon family Racing going. Man he has grown up so quick over the last couple years from the SXS jumpping in Glen Helen to racing the truck. He is delevoping in to You and Your Dad we have come a long way since the Score days in the 80s and 90s Trucks. It’s Great to see the Racing family so deep in the development of the sport. Just the improvements you have mad like my car 29 since the first inception of the razor and now the unicorn truck is created such a sport that we can safely get kids more involved at earlier ages and see them develop to such young drivers from the Nascar circuit to the Baja s, utv world and the SST series. Thanks Robby for you and @theromaniak for being not just drivers of the sport but delevoping and engineering some of the top products in the world today. Will bring thousands of memories to our kids and yours. Stay Safe and look out for @madmaxgordon I remember days when were trying to catch the old man in the desert. Man are we getting old lol. Good luck on the Race. Give them hell Max you are the fastest kid on the planet.

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