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Hey robby , i still remember the first race at baja 500 on you 1969 ford f100 class 8 . it was awesome .i was at ojos negros…

Super excited to see the tooled parts and it coming together. I will say I’m a bit disappointed if the fuel tank is in the 12 gal range vs the 15 gal as originally planned. Weight & HP is going to require a bigger fuel tank. Your going to have to have the transfer fuel tank ready for us to buy when this car is released. Also very classy Robby of remembering 9/11. I will not forget you dedicating your NASCAR win to the 9/11 responders and then donating all your winnings to the 9/11 firemen fund. This shows the kind of person you are! Class Act!

My wife races with me in our ultra4 stock modified car and she had raced in a Canam and the first thing she said was β€œI feel safe in our car, I don’t feel safe in the canam”. After seeing your build she would agree this is built like a race car. I am extremely interested in this vehicle.

Looking good @robbygordon . Hydraulic steering, #brilliant I can hardly imagine the 200’s of hours invested engineering these cars. Thank you for providing a turn key car one can literally go racing without needing to invest 100 hours & spending $10.000’s fortifieing, upgrading & modifying to make a stock SXS safe and worthy of racing. I probably have $65K invested in my X3 xrc Turb and its still leaps and bounds away from the car you’re offering. Yup, I definitely need one of your cars, I’ll be ordering after the 1st of the year

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