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Hey Robby…. I have a bunch of buddies waiting on the Speed UTV… Were they in that Can Am factory that got torched or what?

I was standing at the bottom of the bridge straight away and the crowd there was going nuts. Sliding sideways for however many feet that was I to that corner bumping and rubbing definitely impressed them more than Trans Am or Indy cars!

Great show tonight! Looks like I have to make another stupid video of Robbie taking out the haters 😂

Had the windshield not already been offered as an accessory? I need to check my invoice but I thought ot was 1 of the first things I added

Robbie that was awesome! Am I going to have to come over there and straighten up the wiring on that TV for you? Last time saw you was when I was racing Baja on a motorcycle in 2005 with Johnny Campbell and all those crazy guys. 🤪

@robbygordon year after year watching these trucks .. I really believe you are a genius to bring this form of off-roading to the pavement & to a closed circuit road course

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