Seat Lock Latch Lever Assembly fits Yamaha PWC WaveRunner FX,FZR,Cruiser,SHO,VX,GP Price: $17.98 (as of 25/05/2021 03:43 PST- Details)

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Aftermarket Yamaha seat latch assembly
Replacement for OEM# F1B-U3850-01-00 Or F1B-U3850-02-00

Product Description

JSP Production® Aftermarket Seat Lock Latch Lever Assembly

New Aftermarket Seat Lock Latch Lever Assembly
OEM High quality aftermarket replacement Section
Meets or exceeds OEM specifications
Compatible with Yamaha
Quantity: 1 Lock Latch Lever Assembly
Exact merchandise is pictured
Bolts and Mounting Hardware are NOT INCLUDED

Replaces the next Section numbers:
OEM Section #:


Brand: JSP Production
MPN: BP-LH-F1B-U3850-01-00

Aftermarket Section fits the next years, makes and models:
Yamaha PWC
GP1300R 2008
FX All Models 2008-2011
VX All Models 2008-2017
FZR 2010-2016
FZS 2010-2016
VXR 2015-2018
VXS 2016-2017
EX 2017-2018
GP1800 2018

Yamaha ATV/UTV
Rhino 450 2007-2008
Rhino 660 2007
Rhino 700 FI 2008-2009
Rhino 700 2011-2013

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Aftermarket Yamaha seat latch assembly
Replacement for OEM# F1B-U3850-01-00 Or F1B-U3850-02-00
High quality aftermarket replacement Section, meets or exceeds OEM specifications
Fits the Following Yamaha PWC – GP1300R 2008, FX All Models 2008-2011, VX All Models 2008-2017, FZR 2010-2016, FZS 2010-2016, VXR 2015-2018, VXS 2016-2017, EX 2017-2018, GP1800 2018
Additionally fits the next Yamaha UTVs and ATVs – Yamaha ATV/UTV – Rhino 450 2007-2008, Rhino 660 2007, Rhino 700 FI 2008-2009, Rhino 700 2011-2013

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