Lowrance N2K-Exp-Rd-2 Network Starter Kit (Part #124-69 By Lowrance)

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NMEA Starter Kit . Community starter kit. Comprises 2 terminating resistors (TR-120M-RD, TR-120F-RD), T-connectors (N2K-T-RD), one 2 feet extension cable (N2KEXT-2RD), and one 15 feet extension cable (N2KEXT-15RD), and an influence node (N2K-PWR-RD). To be used with all Crimson Community gadgets. . Suitable With: GlobalMap 5200C, GlobalMap 5300C iGPS, GlobalMap 7200C, GlobalMap 7300C HD, GlobalMap 8200C, GlobalMap 8300C HD, GlobalMap 9200C, GlobalMap 9300C HD, HDS-10, HDS-10m, HDS-five, HDS-5m, HDS-5x, HDS-7, HDS-7m, HDS-8, HDS-8m, LCX-112C, LCX-113C HD, LCX-37C, LCX-38C HD, LMS-520C, LMS-522C iGPS, LMS-525C DF

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