Yamaha YXZ1000R Finishes Top 10 in 2016 King of Hammers

All-New Pure Sport Side-by-Side Vehicle Impresses in First Running of
“Toughest One-Day Off-Road Race on the Planet”

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, introduced the YXZ1000R last fall as the first and only pure sport Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicle, and it is quickly proving its mettle on trails, dunes and race courses throughout the Southwest and across the country. This week, in its first-ever running of the ULTRA4 Racing Series King of the Hammers (KOH) UTV class, the YXZ1000R showcased the superior quality and performance built into this all-new machine.

“King of the Hammers is serious proving ground, and to see the YXZ1000R finish top 10 the first time it was entered backs up what we’ve been saying since September – this is one amazing industry-changing machine,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha’s ATV and SxS group marketing manager. “Congratulations to Weller Racing on a great race, and we look forward to seeing a lot more Yamahas on the Hammers course next year.”

The YXZ1000R was entered into the KOH event by driver Jason Weller of Weller Racing and navigator Kyle Anderson. Leaving the starting line 47th out of 60 total entries, the team battled through the desert trails and grueling rock sections passing the majority of the field to finish 7th overall – a true testament to the talented team and the performance and durability of the YXZ1000R.

“We did it! We started 47th and ended up 7th!” Weller posted to his Facebook page after the race. “Our new Yamaha YXZ1000R ran flawless and took a beating. I believed we could do it and we did it! Kyle Anderson was a great navigator / co-pilot keeping me calm, focused and on point the whole time. Thanks to everyone involved and everyone that helped us get here!”

The annual KOH event has become legendary for its brutal desert course through some of the roughest and most challenging and punishing rock and bouldering sections of any timed event. It is a true test of driver talent and vehicle durability.

The YXZ1000R features the industry’s first and most powerful naturally aspirated three-cylinder 998cc sport engine combined with the first ever 5-speed sequential shift manual transmission in a SxS. This pairing of performance and driver control has created a direct connection between the driver, the machine and the terrain that is changing the meaning of “sport SxS.”

Every Yamaha SxS is assembled at Yamaha’s U.S. factory in Newnan, Georgia, for worldwide distribution.

View additional details on the new SxS models, along with Yamaha’s full lineup here:
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8 replies on “Yamaha YXZ1000R Finishes Top 10 in 2016 King of Hammers”

this YXZ has a gear reduction kit done to it. stock gearing it would have never made it! sure wish Yamaha would offer that on future models! The guys at Weller racing did a great job in this car!

For the cost of a few tranny gears (net cost zero), and a few less compression shims a couple more rebound shims (specced by Fox, cost, zero), Yamaha would create what I call "The Yamaha YXZ 1000 XC Trail." Two models that would help Yamaha expand its market share beyond dunes and open country. I don't expect to do King of Hammers, but I need the capability to connect one section of high speed trail with another — and sometimes that connector is a short section of crap.

Don't tell me to get a Teryx or a Wolverine. That suggestion is asinine and ignores the huge gap in performance between the two.

The solution currently, is an expensive ($1200 to $2200) mod from Tube Works. It's a very good, and comprehensive mod. Strong gears, better lubrication, tranny oil cooler, and tranny oil filter. But… Yamaha could do this at NO extra cost.

go take a stock yxz and a stock rzr , have the yxz follow the rzr and tell me the quality is better on the yxz. it cant even do it. then the rzr will turn around and beat it at its own game, dunes and desert.

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