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What an amazing year and team @rpmoffroad… | RG Instagram

What an amazing year and team @rpmoffroad


15 replies on “What an amazing year and team @rpmoffroad… | RG Instagram”

@robbygordon any chance on getting you , one of your trucks or some merchandise to give away during a off road expo were having in Yuma,az on november 10?

Yea that buggy is bad ass. If you need a there driver or a co driver let me know would love to drive for ya or help you guys. @robbygordon

I swear your my number 1 idol of all time ????i will do anything to spend time with you ????& your trucks there’s nothing more exciting then feeling the excitement i got for your trucks & if i had that chance to meet you & spend time with you in your trucks that would mean the whole world to me @robbygordon

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