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Wet Watkins Glen – Stadium SUPER Trucks

Final 3 laps from a very wet Watkins Glen International. No announcers. This was from 2017, when we ran there with Indy Car.

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Hey Stadium Super-Trucks, can you tell us what the levers are for in the cabin which the drivers are manipulating during the race ? Brake bias ? Something to do with the three speed automatic transmission ? Thanks in advance ????????????

To answer a repeated question: The lever on the left is the gear shifter (3 gears), down is first then move up to go into 2 and 3rd,. The lever on the right is a hand brake (rear wheel brake) to help rotate the car when you have understeer. If the truck is pushing (front end skidding) you give the right hand lever a little pull and it locks the rear and helps rotate the truck thru a corner when needed.

Morris Needs to b DQED for that carried way to much speed to make the cornner no attempt at it and because he carried that much speed he gained a position so he goes off track by ALOT skips jumps and still retains leadership that he ONLY gained because he didint slow down for the corner…theres no exscuse

I'm not seeing any windshield wipers on these trucks. I believe it to be a safety issue, maybe you guys should look into it.

Interesting to see them run on the Glen, they almost look out of their element on a wide open course.

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