Stadium Super Trucks


Fun with Stadium SUPER Trucks. Sound on! Perfect audio of this moment from 2017 Perth SST Race #3 #funny #motorsports #stadiumsupertrucks.


20 replies on “Weeeee!”

this made me laugh! and honestly, thats saying a lot right now. im getting off my meds (antidepressants) and this is my third day without any of them. i am beyond suffering physically :') mentally im sound and 100% lucid for once, but physically i feel constantly nauseus, ill, like im going to throw up, but nothing happens when im in the bathroom, and soooooo dizzy and lightheaded. its like i lost 1000 liters of blood all at once xD
ive been forced back in bed by myself now, even though im not ready to close this day yet, as i havent done ANYTHING all day!
and then i veeery faintly remembered a video with big ass trucks going over a jump, going "wheeee!!"
looked it up and then i found this. fricking brilliant!!!

dont do drugs, kiddies! even the ones prescribed by certified, trustworthy professionals in a healthcare centered, first world country as the Netherlands are trash 😔👎

p.s. been on those meds since i was 17. am 24 now

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