Walker Evans Racing Class 8 Rebuild

The Rebuild of Walker Evans Class 8 truck for the NORRA Vintage Rally.


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I was lucky enough to be racing with Walker in this event. I ran my SCORE Class 3 Chevy Blazer. To hear and feel this classic Class 8 Dodge run with Walker in Baja was race fan bliss.

Hay Mr evens this is craig power would you happen to have any photos of royal marine racing team stuff or any of the photos of when you raced my fathers fords thanks cep,,,,18082501743

Is the long travel front suspension available on the market anyplace? I have wanted to build a class 8 style Ramcharger since I was just a kid watching these trucks when they were new. But in the middle of Iowa, finding anything for a build like that is impossible.

Legendary truck and Driver. Loved how Walker would be hard on the throttle and once he was airborne, off the throttle, dead quite then back hard on the gas and gone. Smoothest driver in off road. Well we could add Rick Mears and Malcom Smith to that very short list.

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