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Video walk around video of the @speedutv @speedsxs… | RG Instagram


Video walk around video of the @speedutv @speedsxs


24 replies on “Video walk around video of the @speedutv @speedsxs… | RG Instagram”

I would definitely like to drive one of them. Should have preordered one. Would have saved me money in the long run #moneypit #polarisrzr

Can’t wait to see these machines in the wild. Robby I respect you and your team’s dedication to putting out the best car possible what you guys have accomplished is huge. I can’t wait to buy one when the time is right.

Can’t wait to get my Jefe RG up here in Alaska ! Going to be epic 😍. Going to look good with a set of horns in the bed πŸ˜‰ Keep up the great work!

Looking NICE. So stoked I preordered and got in at 32k. I feel I’m getting alot of car for that price!!! El jefe #617

Why did you change the top of the back door body line? The EL Jefe test car doesn’t have the drop down (step down) at the top of the back door like this one does. Much respect for putting in the hard work and time to get everything right. El Jefe #2357

Love the updates but your killing me with not having audio, would have liked to hear you explain details and updates

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