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Hey Robby, I just wanted to say been a fan for years since a kid I’m 42 now my uncles and me have always been fans! I have got to meet and speak to you hand full of times over the years! I raced with pistol Pete, and the Foddrill crew even worked there! One thing that makes me proud to be a fan is not only the man you are with your son, but after the tragic stuff you went thru you have still pushed forward as I feel you dad would want to see for you! Looking at the new utv it’s amazing to see the design and skill set you develop after all the time in the dezert! Guys like me that fab and race there own built trucks and what not look to guys like you for inspiration and you definitely always deliver! I know there’s a lot of imitators out there and not a lot of innovators out there but your definitely a innovator never a imitator which is kick ass after all these years to see! I about died this year and lost my ol man and I’ll tell you watching videos and races and anything y’all got going on gives me hope when I get back to walking again and feeling 💯 maybe I can get back into the fab side and going to races with some crew and do what I love which is be apart of off-road racing because of being inspired by you all these years. So thank you Robby for keeping me going!!! Thank you big time!

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