Trucks of Baja – Roseanne Ford F-150

SCORE racers and fans recall when Frank “Scoop”Vessels and Robby Gordon partnered together and ran this Ford F-150 in Class 8. The truck was rebuilt and is now owned by Mike Coleman, who tells a little history on the vehicle and some of the improvements he’s made to the truck everyone knows as “Roseanne.”


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it was Jason yeoman of originally H-town " the o.g. panty dropper of the white man" yeah if you know what I mean then you are legit and. also a love and miss you to j-dog. you went out to early R.I.P. forever also charles gensmer my other partners down for life I miss you both and john you promised me and Michael Jason brother and Renee his mother you would put his name on that truck as a memory when we sold it to you

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