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Totally bummed, broke a trailing arm in 1/2 at RM 210. @madmaxgordon did a great… | RG Instagram

Totally bummed, broke a trailing arm in 1/2 at RM 210. @madmaxgordon did a great job navigating as we were the 8th car on the road and wamo all the hard work and preparation nand the Unicorn finally gets a DNF as we have had 4 good races with her and thought this might be the one 🤦‍♂️


24 replies on “Totally bummed, broke a trailing arm in 1/2 at RM 210. @madmaxgordon did a great… | RG Instagram”

I can’t like this post. Your time to win will come soon! Now it’s beer and margarita time!

Win or Lose @robbygordon @madmaxgordon you guys are awesome!!!! 🔥🦄🤟Thank you for sharing.

That’s actually insane that broke in half. Like the biggest part of the trailing arm too. Holy shit

Good job Robby and Max.! This was that one race!! It showed that you two are an awesome team!!

Maybe you didn’t win but with your Son at your side, life doesn’t get better….I bet Grand Dad is looking down super proud!!!, Happy Bday Mr. Max!!!!

I’d give up everything I own to DNF with my dad at RM210. It’s still a win way i see it!

That’s a bummer. I just raced my dirt bike last weekend I raced my ole race until I started my last lap i last my back axle nut almost loseing the ole axle it’s self i stop in time before it did come out

Unfortunately this is a sign to go back at it full steam on the SPEED UTV. A lot of people are counting on you and have pushed their chips all in and know you won’t let us down. Keep up the great work.

Would love to see Max in his own TT built and designed by Dad, I’m sure Robby has something lined up, for us Robby Gordon fans we will wait for the next one, bummer we didn’t finish, the team was doing great before this component let go, 🏁

Bummer but it’s a easy fix. And you will learn more about how you can improve that part. You will come back even stronger. Keep up your amazing work.

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