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Too funny


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Two things in this photo do not actually exist… 😬🤪
but seriously though. Can’t wait to see these cars released.
Such a rad design. 👍🏻

not even on the same level it’s like comparing apples to oranges you had trophy carts side-by-side‘s took those out now you have speed UTV And bye-bye side-by-side🤣🤣🤣💯

Well I think rzr and maverick don’t come prepared for sand or Baja I equipped my can am for Baja the x3 cost me 25900 and I invest 22k in upgrades now the car is perfect has 16400 miles of hard miles seems that the speed sxs will have more equipment right from the box I think many people are waiting to see the finish product

I mean we shall see. My biggest fear with the speedutv is replacement part availability and pricing. Everyone makes rzr and can am parts. And like it or not there’s no cheap replacement for live valved shocks.

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