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This is the up close picture it was latched… | RG Instagram

This is the up close picture it was latched


24 replies on “This is the up close picture it was latched… | RG Instagram”

Why wouldn’t you have a locking pin? That sucks bud, mistakes happen. Not saying some jack ass didn’t pull it, but people overlook shit sometimes. Make that locking pin mandatory for your crew. Good luck!

This is a great reason to do a safety once around d everytime you get in your rig, towing or not. Check it all… one thing my work taught me is you can never be too safe. Found a slashed tire & broke taillight once during a once around. It’s worth the safety!

the positive side you left the bad juju In the states and nothing but good luck in baja! glad nothing major happened it could have been worse.

I drove trucks and still tow today back in the day you pissed of someone on the fuel island and the minute you walked away they will pull your pin or cross brake lines this look like it was done by someone that don’t care about hurting people! So sad

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