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The 4 seater @speedutv @speedsxs in action today Speed… | RG Instagram



The 4 seater @speedutv @speedsxs in action today Speed



22 replies on “The 4 seater @speedutv @speedsxs in action today Speed… | RG Instagram”

Best suspension??? Looks is an opinion so whatever I just checked and I disagree on that suspension idea. And agree with the power issue. In fact the only thing right about this is Robby. He could beat me on a skid steer. However, those are better than they were but need 40k into it just to have a regular car???

I have built and designed many suspension system and basically the more I read and try the less I know it feels like. A LOT goes into it especially when you want good high travel numbers. It’s easy to get lots of travel but I have seen class 7 trucks that would eat most peoples lunch

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