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Thank you @utvactionmag This is awesome So stoked… Our design has gotten this … | RG Instagram

Thank you @utvactionmag ????This is awesome???? So stoked… Our design has gotten this kind of exposure the 1st year out! This is just the beginning. (Stay Tuned). Full article.


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Thanks for helping out the Cat family!!! Been a fan of yours since I was a kid and to have had a wildcat already once you started helping them out was so cool. Thanks man!!

How did aftermarket companies agree to choosing this as the UTV of the year when you won’t let them design one of the most popular aftermarket products, suspension?

So awesome! I knew when I seen this machine, it was going to do big things. Looks to me like a scaled down class 1 car. Love it! Now, please hurry up and release the 4 seater already. That’s what I’m waiting for, lol!

I love mine, its awesome to see the industry recognizes its many advantages compared to the competition. Great job @robbygordon @tonkatodd and @textronoffroad !

@robbygordon @utvactionmag We are an aspiring non-profit to help at-risk veterans through off-road racing @desert_vets_racing …would you be willing to help us spread the word? Our 501c3 is currently under review and we are ramping up this year and will be at BITD and other events.

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