Terrible Herbst Shop Tour Presented by Monster Energy

Take a tour of the Terrible Herbst shop as they get ready for the 2018 Mint 400.


18 replies on “Terrible Herbst Shop Tour Presented by Monster Energy”

As a fellow racer that started in the early 1990’s I want to say thank you for the good times . The Herbst family has been there for everyone. They are a racing dynasty that has come to the aid of many fellow competitors in their time of need and asked for nothing in return !!!!! We are so very lucky to have the privilege of being around to participate and watch as this great Motorsport family leaves its mark on history!!!!! Long live the Herbts Family!!!!

NICE SHOP what would it take for an hour of access to the parts room? NOT to clear the shelves just some upgrades to my prerunner. I buy your Terrible gas, lighters, snacks and drinks. Even Terrible oil etc.. I built it well with plating .gusseted TTB, TRANS, GEARS etc.. BUT i spent a lot of my build money on a really nice $$$ paint job. (JK ABOUT THE PAINT)

Didn't the Herbst big rig trailer get stolen in San Felipe several years ago? Never to be found? I think that was right before the Monster Energy change over??? Oh, and another thing…. When team Herbst won the SF 250 many years ago, they all came into the Miramar to party it up and their team took all the chicks!! Damn you!

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