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Super Excited about these new builds… | RG Instagram

Super Excited about these new builds


23 replies on “Super Excited about these new builds… | RG Instagram”

So much more Race Car then all the others. Actual real tubing not tin can material and way beefier suspension mounting points and suspension arms .They are new cars so I’m sure they’ll be a couple little problems but they are in A League of Their Own as far as chassis go. Good job @robbygordon , @textronoffroad . But what is up with the plunging axles and why does this car not seem to have them ? @offroad.jw

Is it possible to get the race axles and CVs for a stock width car or is it not worth upgrading until you go to the 72 inch 77 inch kit ? @robbygordon and I think it really shows just how much you are behind these cars and believe in them to be taking your time to answer / help out guys like @offroad.jw that has an odd problem, I commend you and @textronoffroad for being a stand-up guy / company . ????????????????

Everyone out there needs to REALLY look at these @textronoffroad #wildcatxx cars and REALLY compare the difference in workmanship and quality of the mounting points of suspension and the material used for the whole car, really look at it, the A arms are not falling off the front of this car like a Can-Am and collapsing, weather you have one of those or a Polaris you have got to give credit where credit’s due these cars are going to be something to deal with in the future for them and my guess is it will make everyone step their game up. Once again GOOD JOB @textronoffroad , @robbygordon , and everyone involved with the #wildcatxx ???????? . Watch out @polarisrzr and @canam the #wildcatxx is coming for you. ???????????? ????????????????????????

Hey @robbygordon can you guys do something about the kick boards for when getting in? I understand why there there but us big legged people have a tight fit getting in… only issue i see with the car. Maybe after the first big dune weekend I’ll be in the market. Gotta see what the dumb dumbs can accomplish at breaking things. Trail n error on other’s dimes

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