Stafford/Convoy of trucks celebrates blue collar workers that are keeping things going

Bruce Scofield says he has to keep emotionally upbeat everyday for his 15 employees at Scofield Transfer and Recycling in Stafford. After things slowed down at his business a few weeks ago, he tried advertising, but he had very few calls for orders.
“I needed another pick me up, I just don’t like being down, so I said lets call out a few my friends and have a convoy, everybody staying home is negative, the news is always negative. I needed a pick me up not only for myself, but for my employees, my neighbors and my customers.”
What Scofield witnessed along Rt. 5 in Stafford on Sunday afternoon was an amazing response from blue collar workers who are keeping WNY and the country running during the COVID-19 stay at home order.
155 truckers lined Rt. 5 in support of truckers, farmers, blue collar workers, waitresses and restaurant workers. The group was escorted by the Stafford Fire Department, the Genesee County Sheriff’s Department and State Police through seven towns in the county.
The event was also a fundraiser for Crossroads House of Batavia.
Over the past week, $4,500 was raised through social media and talk on local radio station WCJW. Additional money was raised by the truckers with the pass of a bucket up and down Rt. 5.
Scofield says he could not have made the convoy happen without Greg, Greg, Jessie, Chris and his son, who allowed him to work on the convoy while he took care of the business.
Scott Roblee kicked things off by playing his rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and then the convoy was on the road.
“The Corona Convoy” was made up of commercial trucks owned by local truckers, farmers, businesses and contractors.


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