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#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will comp… | SST Instagram

#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will compete in the 2019 @dakarrally, January 6-17

Link to story in bio????

@toyotires #teamspeed #dakar #dakarrally @speed_energy @textronoffroad


16 replies on “#stadiumsupertrucks drivers @robbygordon @colepotts60 @bladehildebrand will comp… | SST Instagram”

????????????????????????????????????????????????????con todo TEAM SPEED ENERGY ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

At first glance I thought those wheels would perhaps prevent the front end from digging in on endos but…… hey wait a sec maybe that would work.hey didn’t they laugh at the car at first.

That’s a pretty cool way of mounting the spares. Doesn’t tie up space for tool storage or obstruct rear view mirror

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