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Speed UTV // Robby Gordon Motorsports are currently seeking full time engineers … | RG Instagram

Speed UTV // Robby Gordon Motorsports are currently seeking full time engineers to start immediately.

Seeking both Senior and Intern Engineers for the design and production of SPEED UTVs and Accessories.

Candidates must be extremely proficient with mechanical design, CAD modeling, (Solidworks/Solid Edge/ NX etc.), FEA, Microsoft office.

In addition to the general requirements we are seeking individuals specialized in one or more of the following areas: motor / engine, gearbox / transaxle, and surfacing / bodywork.

Engineering Student Design team experience is highly valued.

Experience with programming Haas CNC, lathe and mill programs, and Water jet machines are a plus.

Travel in and out of the country will be required at times and may require a passport. Candidates must be a team player and work well in a fast paced, constantly changing environment.

This position is located at our Charlotte, NC headquarters.

Please send resume, cover letter & project portfolio to [email protected] // fax 704-949-1259

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23 replies on “Speed UTV // Robby Gordon Motorsports are currently seeking full time engineers … | RG Instagram”

Perfect for those college kids involved in #bajasae . This is a dream job for someone in that program. @robbygordon Check Baja SAE at NC State

If I was 25 and not 54 and had all those achievements needed it would be my dream job like driving a truck for a racing team having meet Robby and the fact that we have something in common like an Argentinian wife i would love to be part of this team but I’m in California and have 3 children and have no immediate plans of moving to nc but hey I’m a great mechanic/welder/fabricator/copilot/pilot whatever even a good maintenance guy????!

Damn, this is like perfect for me!!!!Location doesn’t really matter to me, in Junior in Mech Engineering, but I’m not the most proficient in CAD as of right now. Did it my first year, no other classes have touched it. I have downloaded AutoCAD myself to try to learn that software but its very weird coming from SolidWorks which is the only CAD I was taught. If you guys have SolidWorks I would gladly get back into the swing of it, it otherwise I’mafraid I won’t be proficient enough for you guys. I am very eager to learn whatever you would need! I’ve done real world design, designed my oil cooler brackets for my car cut the metal and welded them up myself. I would be applying as an intern. Please let me know if my skill set is enough for you. Will still apply if I don’t get a response!

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