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SPEED UTV LIVE – Episode 12

SPEED UTV LIVE with with Robby Gordon

Episode 12, Wednesday, June 10

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6 replies on “SPEED UTV LIVE – Episode 12”

I don’t want to take ANYTHING away from what your team is doing and I applaud you being an industry leader in so many areas, but…
Maybe you could put a little more effort in the technical side of your presentations. Some dude shooting vid on an iPhone leaning over a Snap-On box…
I pour over every spec and hang on your every word. Sometimes it’s painful to watch. It’s a big decision for me whether or not to buy one. I would like the info to be as easy to understand as possible.
Tonight has been an improvement over past presentations and the fact that you do them at all is amazing. I’m sure Polaris and Can-Am are tuning in as well!

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