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Speed UTV – Dandi Discusses Robby Gordon's NEW Ride!

Here’s our thoughts on Robby’s new SxS – what do you think?!? And as always… We hope you enjoy! And THANK YOU to our amazing subscribers – best on the YouTubes for sure 🙂 If you haven’t subscribed yet please do – it really does help us out and we appreciate it more than you know. Also… join our group on Facebook so that we can see how YOU adventure! And consider joining the Cool Kids Club – you can find that hidden gem on Patreon! Links to everything below! Thanks again guys, can’t wait to see you in the sand!!!!

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16 replies on “Speed UTV – Dandi Discusses Robby Gordon's NEW Ride!”

It's an upgraded Textron wildcat double X which is a good machine it has it's good and it's badd point I've never had a bed point with it I never had to fix anything with it and I run mine hard in this is smoothest machine I've ever been in they could use a little more power for the sand but here in Michigan in the trails a keeps up with keen am's players is any of them other machines Keep up the good work

This car wouldn't be a good for trails for the east coast it's much to wide. I don't care for the roll cage no cross braces. to many things not to like. I can get a truck with A/C AND HEAT thats just me be safe.

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