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Speed UTT is coming to life @speedutv @speedsxs… | RG Instagram

Speed UTT is coming to life @speedutv @speedsxs


24 replies on “Speed UTT is coming to life @speedutv @speedsxs… | RG Instagram”

Not sure what to think… definitely truck bed ish… looks very utlility like ??? Let me look at it for awhile. ????

Looks like a Long bed truck to much.. middle of the car needs to come back some and a longer hood

Mainly needs a cage adjustment. Move B pillar back and increase rake/kicker angle of C pillar.

Too short in front not a balanced look. Extend the front hood and fender out 4-6 more inches and it will look fine.

Somethin seems a bit off???? I’m bummed it’s not like the original with the plastic updates :((

Something I can actually mark race courses in. I’ll just have to ditch the doors when marking!!!

Just make it look like a truck. I’m not kidding. With a window. Sxs look stupid. And small genders only let mudd fling everywhere.

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