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Roof Cam Craziness – Stadium SUPER Trucks

Unearthed this gem from 2016 Adelaide SST Race 1. Roof-cam of Sheldon Creed’s crazy last few laps.

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If I could only pick one vehicle to try in all of racing it would be a super truck. Big jumps anywhere there's a ramp, amazing suspension and that front tire lift on cornering is like nothing else.

Yeahhh eeeeee on board again wit sst truck really nice yeahhh awesome thanks crazy things crazy view from sst truck race ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????✌✌????????????????????????????????????????Wouhou

Now that's a battle. Honestly this roof cam footage is some of the best racing i've seen in the last 25 years. Haven't actually felt that little tiny adrenaline pump from watching a late brake pass since I was a little kid.

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