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Roll it over and let’s go again……. | RG Instagram


Roll it over and let’s go again….


24 replies on “Roll it over and let’s go again……. | RG Instagram”

Everyone crying because the angle we didn’t get to see that max was well out of the way. Come on keyboard heros, didnt your mommys and wife’s put you to bed allready

You guys have to relax max was well out of the way even if he would have stayed in the spot he was in he wouldn’t have even been touched the the bag didn’t even move from it’s place and he was behind it no way max would have got hit he was out of the way plus he’s way to smart for that anyway

For all those bitching at Robby about Max being in the way, go back and read Robby’s response stating that the video is a bad angle and that Max was actually 5ft atleast away. Relax armchair racers! Plus as the car is almost on its tires you can clearly see there is space in-between the tire and the bag Max was buttoning up. You’ll get em next time Max! Keep up the hard work.

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