Robby Gordon baja 500 fuel splash

Robby gordon first truck across race mile 290 made his pit stop on top of hwy 1. Is he something else?


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Cargar combustible a media carretera ABIERTA al tránsito no solo es inseguro, es pendejo y además claramente ilegal. La carretera ES la ruta en ese instante y las reglas dicen que no puedes hacer parada de pits EN la ruta.

look at all of you fools, assuming that there are maybe 2 or 3 cheaters in any given race. EVERYONE CHEATS. it's the name of the game. is it any conicidence that jimmy johnson's crew chief has been fined and suspended more than any other crew chief of the last 7 or 8 years? hmmm, you tell me. remember when everyone was having trouble keeping the cap on their oil tanks in NASCAR? try looking for the video called "vildolosola cheating".
cheating is part of racing, only the naive think otherwise

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