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Only a few hours left in final details before the @speedutv cars head to Sand Sp… | RG Instagram

Only a few hours left in final details before the @speedutv cars head to Sand Sports of the unveiling of our Production cars to the Customers and the UTV industry. We will do a live show 75 when we pull the covers off, check out the fake cars we have been building 😜🎉. From Concept to production in less than 24 months…

Built the Engine from Scratch
3 Speed sequential transmission
Bulk Head Front End that is new to the World not just the industry
Forged Spindles
Brake Calipers.
Etc so many items and I’m looking forward to letting all the haters eat some raw Crow


24 replies on “Only a few hours left in final details before the @speedutv cars head to Sand Sp… | RG Instagram”

Being there on Tuesday and seeing these cars in person I can tell you these cars are not just game changing but complete game reinventing! Every detail is so bad ass 🙌🏻

I think they are badass, but here on the east coast they are pretty much useless to us. 77″ stance would never make it through PA, WV trails.

The internet is full of people who will never do anything with their lives, telling others that their accomplishments aren’t good enough in an attempt to drag them down to their level. You know this by now, haters gonna hate despite your career accomplishments and proven track record. Excited to see the final product, hopefully a few guys in Michigan have them on order to see in person 👍

I spotted a Speed UTV buzzing around at the Hangtown Nationals last Saturday bring used by Carson Motorsports.. 🤔 did we get treated to a early unveiling? Lol

The only problem I have seen is communication. People put down deposits that were to get them by a specific time and that wasn’t met. If there was a realistic date set that people could actually get a car you would have way less haters. If up front you said car is going to take 3-4 years people’s expectations would’ve been just that. This is why the internet named it the Unicorn. Really cool, unique but in reality doesnt exist.

Is it considered eating crow if people are right about speed not delivering when originally promised ? You didn’t show em

74 shows don’t do these cars any justice. The cars are levels above what you promised people . It’s show time 👊🏻

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