Offroad Crashes & Fails Compilation | Episode 2 | Weekly Uploads

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48 replies on “Offroad Crashes & Fails Compilation | Episode 2 | Weekly Uploads”

I am so OVER this compilation crap. It's sad and fucked and weenie. And THEN I realise it's about views and money and I see that the VIEWERS are the weenies. Not going to watch either way ….

1:44 first of all they should never let people stand behind a fucking metal fence when a trophy truck is racing. The driver is just as bad . But ultimately the people who hosted this race should've built barricade's with tall fences

Edit: like Stadium truck racing

This is FU(KED up!! that guy on the sand dune that got hit by the truck could be dead for all you know, like many of the other people in this video. If you find this entertaining you are a sick FU(K

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