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Off we go to win the 2018 #Baja1000 – @toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @ssupertru… | RG Instagram


Off we go to win the 2018 #Baja1000

@toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @ssupertrucks @kingshocks #offroad


24 replies on “Off we go to win the 2018 #Baja1000 – @toyotires @kmcwheels @speedsxs @ssupertru… | RG Instagram”

@robbygordon @colepotts60 sorry buds, just heard the news you were on the trailer via #weatherman… ????

you probably get asked a lot but with baja suspension, can you put it on a lifted silverado/ sierra? and if so what should i run? i want something similar to this! @robbygordon

Saw you race this weekend! Sorry about the L but you guys threw it hard off of Ojos! Always been a huge fan man! ????

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