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Off-Road Racing’s Next Generation Tests Prototype OT3 | Destination: Dirt – Prologue

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Meet Mitch Guthrie Jr. (23), Blade Hildebrand (21) and Seth Quintero (17) — three of America’s most promising young off-road drivers, and the members of the new Red Bull Off-Road Junior Team USA. The new team has a mission to scout, develop and grow the next generation of off-road champions. These three young off-roaders will travel the globe in 2020 to compete in some of the world’s most iconic races, but first they need to get to know their new vehicles.

In the debut episode of the digital series Destination: Dirt, join Guthrie, Hildebrand and Quintero as they head to Morocco for the first shake down of the brand-new prototype OT3 vehicle. Along the way, they meet up with rally legends Nasser Al-Attiyah, Cyril Despres and Matthieu Baumel for some invaluable insight on how their new vehicle can tackle the world’s toughest races.

The trio plan to race the Mint 400, Baja 500, Vegas to Reno and more in their native North America. The young drivers will also compete at international cross-country events such as the Silk Way Rally, Morocco Rally, Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge and the most extreme off-road race on the planet, the Dakar Rally. Traveling across the globe to far-flung and exotic destinations such as Russia, Morocco, China and Saudi Arabia, the three will have to learn to stand on their own amidst unfamiliar cultures and grueling competition. Follow them on their journey to reach the heights of Rally Raid in Destination: Dirt.


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13 replies on “Off-Road Racing’s Next Generation Tests Prototype OT3 | Destination: Dirt – Prologue”

Please, just allow me one comment. In minute 2:23 you intend to show a world map to show where Morocco is, but according to the map you rather were in Ethiopia.

Apart of this detail, great video and I wish you all the best for the Dakar ????

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