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Inside View of the new @speedutv @speedsxs… | RG Instagram


Inside View of the new @speedutv @speedsxs



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I like the look of the dash. It was mentioned that there would be vent block off plates. I could see with a open cab that they would get full of dirt and dust and be difficult to keep clean if not blocked off. What is the plan for a passenger grab bars? I liked the XX with the left grab bar intergraded into the console dash, but do not like the fact that the right grab handle was in the door. That to me was not the safest option, especially if the door was struck or opened. I get the traditional grab bar coming out of the dash is not attractive, but it is the best place for a passenger to support themselves.

Looking forward to adding the passenger side display some my wife gives me no feedback just like in our Prerunner buggy. Doing it anyways. Love the vents and look forward to a heater setup for the cold desert nights. ????

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