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I’m convinced this is the stupidest thing I have ever experienced at a Race, wha… | RG Instagram

I’m convinced this is the stupidest thing I have ever experienced at a Race, what’s your thoughts


24 replies on “I’m convinced this is the stupidest thing I have ever experienced at a Race, wha… | RG Instagram”

This is hilarious. The big fish in the pond decides to play on the World stage and gets it handed to him on a plate. It’s called due diligence. Read the rulebook beforehand and things may be different. You want to piss and moan… OK the guy just in front of you has only been driving competitively for around 3 years, rolled it it early stages, driven half the stages in the dark and had a head on collision on liason today… And loving every moment.

Your running low in the results because you have a speed limit… Really? Tell me something… What’s the average, median and mean speed of Nasser in the stages? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Get on with it Princess. You made your choices. Suck it up.

Pack up your stuff @gordon_robby and fly it home to race #koh19. Dave Cole of @ultra4racing treats everyone the same. You would get a fair playing field. ???????? God speed????

MY take is Frenchy want to protect Peugeot. Keep a heierarchy to racing. That being said with the Low altitude this whole dakar, could this of been the year for the Gordoini??!

I saw just come back and Kick Some Ass! The more experience you get out there racing it the more you are learning. Go Team #SpeedEnergy ????????????????

Lamento muchisimo lo q le paso… Pero me gustaria volver a verlo arriba de un Hanmer. Saludos desde la Patagonia Argentina????????

Ha…ha..ha…add that one to your bucket list Robby. “Fast…fast!!…that’s not fast! I as so god damn fast in my day, I got a speeding ticket during a race!”

You’re also in a race !! The point to racing is go as fast as you can !! This makes no sense ????

You are a top level driver and when victory is out of reach you still continue to offer a big show for the fans. Thanks and please don’t give up and come back to Dakar again and again

Regardless of the rules and the outcome, I think your efforts will definitely make Textron / Arctic Cat expand into a turbo program in the very near future. Great job by the whole team. I think this finish, and the greater focus on side by sides this year, benefits the sxs market ????

@robbygordon it doesnt seem fair but it’s been said here enough. Just happy you and the teams made it safe and can come back to some racing without speed limits(except for obvious reasons)

Todo se resume a una sola palabra. “FEAR”. Eso le tiene la A.S.O a Robbie Gordon. No busquen más motivos sólo FEAR porque sabían que R.G les Kick the ass.

And I was planning to attend a Dakar well not now I will just keep going to Baja Mexico heck I forgot it’s were I live

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