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I was not aware that I won’t the first race in Nascar history with the #31, I wa… | RG Instagram

I was not aware that I won’t the first race in Nascar history with the #31, I want to personally thank Richard Childress for the opportunity and I liked the Cingular colors so much they became the face of The Speed Brand this is very fitting as the color of Orange stands for Energy @speedenergy @speedutv @speedtoolsinc @speedrccars @stadiumsupertrucks


24 replies on “I was not aware that I won’t the first race in Nascar history with the #31, I wa… | RG Instagram”

I know you have way more irons in the fire than you probably can handle but I would love to see one more nascar race with you wheeling some left and right turns or even a Daytona 500. Any race on the schedule that peaks your interest if you did a one off?

Theres a fine line between orange and yellow.. yellow means chicken! Don’t be a yellow fellow..

I have a poster of your first win at Homestead on my bday (Nov 17th) where the Lowe’s car has Skinners name still on it signed.

Grew up in oc n was always an RG fan since Indy days .. bigger fan in the 31cingular and based my small company on an orange and black base.. 🙌

A 1:24 scale 31 Cingular car you autographed for my 7 year old self at Michigan lives in the old Newell glass cabinet lol. I loved that paint scheme when I was a little kid. Especially the inverse mostly orange one

Once in Richmond during the NASCAR days I saw you come through the edge of the parking are in your side by side with a few crew members.
You stopped, spoke and hung out for a minute B.S.-ing with me and my buddies. A real class act.

I was an instant fan, and have followed you in motorsports ever since.

I will still never forget meeting you at PIR! Your RV/Trailer was parked a few down from the Budweiser RV and you had just pulled out a side by side. You talked to my uncle and I for a bit before you had to leave but it made my uncle so happy. He’s been a long time fan of yours and has sported the number 7 on his truck since you started running it!

I was so excited when you got the gif to drove for Cingular wireless, I was work ok mg for them as a Account Ece. Meeting one of my heroes from the offroad world was awesome. Robbie your an amazing driver and perspn.

Not only did I not know you you were the first 31 winner, I didn’t know that’s why Speed is orange. Very cool.🍊

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