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I want to apologize to all of my Sponsors, @toyotires @kmcwheels @vpfuels @speed… | RG Instagram

I want to apologize to all of my Sponsors, @toyotires @kmcwheels @vpfuels @speedutv @speed_energy Team @rpmoffroad and all our fans We have received a 15 minute penalty for taking off too early at the end of a speed Zone…. I know people are going to jump on me for saying this but we lost the Baja 400 due to certain drivers not responding to the Stella push to pass ????????‍♂️ again sorry but we need to Win and now we’re starting 14th at the Baja 1000 (damm I wish we qualify to race as yesterday’s outcome would be different l. I agree with @scoreinternational on the penalty as they are staying consistent with what they did with Rob Mac at the Baja 1000.


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@robbygordon instead of a push, just give em the full on Koolaid man experience next time lmao. Don’t get discouraged man, you’ll bounce back, keep calm and collected. Stay focused. You’ll be standing tall on the podium before ya know it.

@robbygordon was @lukejohnson14 at the wheel of the #89 TT when this went down? If so, maybe he was taking a page out of @therickyjohnson ‘s motocross playbook. IMO it was a shitty move on behalf of the #89! If you can’t run with the big dogs, get outta the dog house.

I agree with you guys on the qualifying, in our type of racing there’s no qualifying but we run short legs kind of like WRC, on the second leg we always start the fastest boats first one after the other in the order they finished. We do for safety reasons and so we don’t get held up. Good racing to all I understand your frustrations

@robbygordon I’ve never raced a TT but I have raced a 66’ ford bronco in the 1000-500 and all other score races and it’s super hard to pass in That short wheel base bronco. Your an amazing driver sorry about the little hick-up hammer down at the 1000 your due for a W.

Man that’s a hard pill. You are correct though. Every race should have qualifying. This is where the top level drivers have the opportunity to start out front and stay out front, keeping bottle necks and shit like what happened from occurring. People can hate all they want about your style… it’s no secret, and never has been a secret that you’re an aggressive offensive driver. It’s what makes you fast. Keep at it. Apologize for nothing.

Good job Robbie that’s what happens when you have donkeys in front of you if they’re not going to speed limit inside this be zonev you should legally be able to pass prime example of someone plucking a competitor on purpose

I personally think all the lengthy speed zones have ruined the race, last year, 11 miles of 37 mph, in one section, that used to be a mostly cool down, and reconfigure section any way, but setting such a slow speed limit, for so long, on dirt, plus the others, just makes it kinda pointless to watch. Hope they can figure out some measures to barricade those ares, and make them faster again, i understand the high way speed zones, even some of the town street speed zones, in off locations, but the entire start section was killed with all the restrictions, at least set up a slalom course, let the drivers try getting through quickly… I used to love watching the start, but because soectators, or traffic couldnt govern its self accordingly, now the race suffers…

????Oh, the hat you signed for me in 2004, Indy 500 race finally wore out , any warranty on signatures . it was my best uniform hat…lol.

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