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Hummmm you choose Textron Speed or Can Am Monster I know what I would choose… | RG Instagram


Hummmm you choose Textron Speed or Can Am Monster I know what I would choose



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The Speed XX. Sure I like the X3 styling a little bit more, but as far as riding & Racing. The build of the XX is leagues ahead of the X3. Hell thats the main reason I bought my XP1000 RZR over a X3, the suspension setup was much more precise & smooth compared to the X3. More power can only get you so far when you’re getting beat every where else.

I like the way the x3 looks!Got to test my friends XX in Parker Az,the ride and handling is better. I like the low ridding position.and the suspension seems to never give up. It could use a bit more power. If your a good driver,it’s not needed. I was running with an X3 Turbo and an older RZR, they could never lose me. The XX, was right in the mix. A very confident ride, and great handling. Oh and a bonus…Made in the USA!!!

@robbygordon today is the first time in almost 20 years I couldn’t make the SS show. Seeing you every year you’re there is part of what would make my day. I’ve met you a million times, but still always go out of my way to shake your hand as I have massive respect for you! It started when I knew we were in school around the same time in Cerritos, then at the desert they’d bring the hauler to Glamis and park at the loop (I live in Imperial County) and you’d fly in on the helio and we all knew you’d be doing your thing making all of us have a better day! No matter what is was, the drags and tons of people, no matter where you are, you make time for your fans and you’re sweet and welcoming which says ALOT about your character! You’re an amazing racer/driver, a humble and kind gentleman, funny as shit (in Laughlin you once told me I couldn’t have a hug because I wore glasses ????), and watching you with Max warms my heart. Have some fun today- you’re with the Coyne’s and they’re great people and friends of ours. Hope to catch you down here this winter playing in the sand. Much respect buddy ⭐️

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