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Glamis Thanksgiving 2015 TRC Official Video HD

What’s a better way to spend Thanksgiving than in the dunes of Glamis, CA? This trip was simply AWESOME! Relive our best, non-stop action of our 5 day journey. We shot 40+ hours of footage. Condensed into under 20 minutes, you will see a wide variety of off-roading including, wheelies, roosts, jumping, racing, crashes, a 2016 Polaris RZR Turbo fire, close up “in car” cams, drone footage, carnage, and a surprise clip with the off-road champion Robby Gordon.


35 replies on “Glamis Thanksgiving 2015 TRC Official Video HD”

The flat is kind of boring, I live in north central ALBERTA, CANADA, sand all over, trees, tight trails, mud, muskeg. The mega hills look wild , for sure. Love to hear the two strokes dirt bikes. ????

cool vid, havent been to glms since comp hill boat fire long time ago… cubic in .look bigger , cubic dollars too, just waiting for r. g. to call and see if i want to take s e tt for a spin..

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