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Friend just sent this to me … | RG Instagram

Friend just sent this to me ????


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I still have great footage of you wiping the tears away before you took your helmet off and post race interview with #bajabob in the middle of the celebration. Definitely a highlight from way back, during my news career.

I was there! @robbygordon I think you were driving Al Unser Jr’s motorhome (or he was in yours with you) out of the pits after the race and you stopped to let my punk ass 15 year old self in for autographs from you two. Cool move that I still remember to this day????????

That was my first Indy Car race, and knowing you from your early off road days made that win special for all of us.

@robbygordon I was at this race with three army buddies from Ft Huachuca. I still have the die cast replica of this car that I bought at that race, what a great memory!

One of the best all around drivers in the world, no doubt. Have you ever raced LeMans or some big endurance races?

I was there that day…amazing win- 1 lap down and the only driver taking the high line around PIR. Such an awesome drive.

I was with you for that win! Loved watching you battle With Emerson, Nigel, and Michael. You were at the top of your game. I could have sworn it was 1995. Was with your Dad when crossed the line. He was friggin pumped!! ????????

I was at that race. It was a great day for sure. I remember sitting in class…around the 4th or 5th grade…and the teacher asked us to write a paper on what we wanted to do when we grew up. When the teacher asked RG what he wrote, he stood up and showed us a picture he drew of an Indycar…almost this exact paint scheme…and told the class that he was going to win the Indy 500 one day. Image that, a 10 year old kid knowing that he was going to be racing indycars and almost winning Indy. Still blows my mind.

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