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Fences were filled even after Nascar raced … | RG Instagram

Fences were filled even after Nascar raced ????


24 replies on “Fences were filled even after Nascar raced … | RG Instagram”

I know it’s been a long time coming but word is finally getting out to the masses about how good the racing is.

I was right on the bridge steps watching you fly.. it was awesome! @robbygordon sent to some great pics of it!

Yea I only drive 3hrs to see SST thanks for coming back this year always a good show and great racing????

My family and I said we wouldn’t stay for an extra Xfinity race but we stayed for the SST race and it was awesome. Thank you for the four half course laps and the four full course laps. We come to see the trucks and we hope to see more trucks in the lineup next year!

@robbygordon Thank you, again, for putting a ramp on the back half of the track!!! Those of us working greatly appreciated it!!

@robbygordon you guys were the reason the fences filled after the Xfinity raced, because they weren’t filled like for the Xfinity race. I was glade to see you guys up @roadamerica again this year and hope to see you there for years to come. I got to watch you from the bridge steps, it was an awesome view to watch you guys flying. You guys are the reason my family go up there to watch the races, if you guys weren’t there I didn’t think we would go.

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