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Does anyone think after being UTV of the year we need to release a XX4 what’s yo… | RG Instagram

Does anyone think after being UTV of the year we need to release a XX4 what’s your thoughts? I think I was the first 4 seat with The RZR4


24 replies on “Does anyone think after being UTV of the year we need to release a XX4 what’s yo… | RG Instagram”

Should have been released 6 months after the 2 seat – lets not forget the turbo; Honda seemed to do that right too, and wait doesn’t Yamaha produce a factory turbo kit for the ‘19 models of the YXZ so that means the internal are ready for boost; what gives @arcticcatoffroad

Fuck what everyone else thinks, you do you…… Its obviously working bud ????????????????

I’m in the market for a SXS. I want the XX based on a solid power plant, legit off-road geometry, factory doors and other industry leading features. Unfortunately, my needs require 4 seats. Polaris will be getting my $$$.

Uhh @robbygordon, you and @speedsxs all ready announced a xx4 that would hit dealers April 1… what Heppend there?

I sold my x3 rs in hopes of a factory turbo long travel 4 seat XX. Polaris is coming with something big so now I’m gonna wait to see. Textron waited too long..

I bought the xx in nov last year. I drove all the major brands and it’s the best of them all. But .. turbo and 4 seat is a must. I have at least 4 friends that would have bought a 4 seater after I got mine but … crickets from textron. I agree with others .. you guys blew it !! I wish I had bought a can am since they keep upgrading. Can I return mine !!!!

4 seater with 200 hp and your good to go. Can am is the fastest, but the 4 is too big. Polaris is the perfect size (4 seat wise) but it’s a Polaris so…. yeah. Textron is amazing but needs power. They just dont keep up in the dunes… yxz is cool, but no power…

Textron has no idea what they are doing… Arctic-Cat to Textron offroad back to Arctic-Cat one Tracker offroad…they are too worried about what bass pro wants to sell then what the real Arctic-Cat buyer wants!

As long as the XX-4 is an OEM vehicle and not a custom build, the industry would love it ???? nothing against yours and what you are doing, but pricing needs to be in line with other competitive vehicles on the market and dealerships need ample opportunity to get their hands on vehicles to get the XX-4 out to the masses. 90% of buyers don’t want a custom vehicle, they want a manufactured unit with a factory warranty and financing options. Oh, and nice picture @sxsblog ????????????

Another 4 seat option in the 117-123” wheelbase is needed! Like the X3 2 seat, but can’t get over the 4’s wheelbase. Polaris is the only option…

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