Dakar Rally Off-Road

Dakar Rally – Trucks

Truck action from the Morocco stages of the Dakar rally.
If you want to hear them go here.
These are by far the most impressive sight if you get to go to the Dakar rally.

Song by Street Regal
Guitar by Trevor from The Beautiful Sleazy


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@zooloo24 LOL, I live in the US, I know what Caterpiller is. I asked whether that was a CAT truck, and someone said it just had a CAT engine. So I asked what kind of truck it was then, and someone listed all the various trucks that can be seen in the video, but not which was which. Now you explain what Caterpillar is! I just want to know what kind of truck it is at 1:37! The other guy said the truck isn't a CAT, just the engine, so is it a MAN? DAF? We don't have those brands here.

@justforever96 This is a CAT truck. Manufacturer's name is carried on the front of the truck. If the engine is a CAT then it has to be a CAT truck or am I missing smthg? This competition is mostly a manufacturers competition there4 it is unlikely Toyota wud sponsor Mercedes, or DAF sponsor Volvo. So, truck at 1:37 is a CAT.

@zooloo24 Okay, I did some Googling to find out once and for all. First, Kenworth and many other companies that don't make their own engines use CAT engines. Caterpillar is primarily an engine and construction equipment maker. They sell Cat branded trucks in the US and Australia, but they are not cab overs. This is Marcel van Vliet's GINAF truck, which is a Dutch company that basically makes off-road versions of DAF's. That's a DAF cab, a GINAF truck, with a CAT twin turbo engine!

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