Dakar Rally Off-Road

Dakar Rally – Toyota Land Cruiser 200

They say that the Dakar Rally is one of the world’s toughest motor sports.  
Although most of the competition vehicles participating in the Dakar Rally are classified into the division of customized vehicles, LandCruiser has continued to enter in the series production vehicles group, to which only minimal customization is allowed.
LandCruiser accomplished a remarkable feat of four straight victories from 2005 to 2009.


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@cuda540ify well mate toyota competes in production class or t2. they have won that category for the last 5 years. very few mods to the truck except an ECU, heavy duty suspension, and a roll cage even the brakes are standard. mitsubishi focus a lot on modified class they won 7 dakars in a row. but its completely different…

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