Dakar Rally Off-Road

Dakar Rally Crashes Compilation

There are no fatal crashes in this video. With the gruelling Dakar Rally happening right now I decided to look at the crashes that have made this such a tough race in Dakar Rally Crashes / crash compilation.
Ownership goes to Eurosport, Dakar Rally, France 2 and France 4

Credits Jose Mauricio Penaloza Mendoza, Alessandro reniero, RacingCrashes33, microatkill, bogdanzubas78, ZWkenner, Zidane Salmanov, Luis Rafael, Hits, CambaoMotorsports,Moto Tuber, busslayer, batmannetmp3, dakarmotor, Breedof Speed,GRUP EL 9 NOU ,

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14 replies on “Dakar Rally Crashes Compilation”

0:24 i think that those assholes (the public) made that fucking 'ramp' to force jumps and crashes.
I speak spanish and they're talking shit like: 'YEAH THIS ONE'S GONNA FLY'.
Simply disgusting

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