Dakar Rally Off-Road

Dakar 2016 – Eurol VEKA MAN Rally Team (the movie)

Full report on the Eurol VEKA MAN Rally Team during the 2016 Dakar Dally in Argentina and Bolivia.


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14:16 – overtaking
17:24 – out of road
19:00 – Horses
21:18 – out of road
25:10 – high speed on rain
29:02 – Landscape
35:10 – brute overtaking
36:08 – Lauching
42:21 – Uyuni
45:34 – jumps
48:50 – high speed on sand
55:34 – Service
1:01:31 – Landscape & jump
1:07:25 – Almost Crash
1:12:27 – Desert
1:13:21 – Crash windshield on a Tree
1:14:53 – Lost…
1:17:00 – Sand trail
1:27:30 – LandScape
1:32:29 – Nice Jump
1:35:33 – dutch mode-ON
1:44:58 – eat my dust

This race should hit every continent in one year to actually call it a race.
Then you'll see how good these trucks are.
Weather be danged….????????⛈️❄️⚡☄️????????????????️????️
Whud they cancel the first stage for… motorcycles, UTV, ATV and the cars can't deal with it.
If I was a truck driver it would have ticked me off.
Change tires and git to it.

That whistling tea kettle would drive me ????y.
So they didn't notice the radio noise when they test drove this truck…..?
A noise suppressor or whatnot.
Who can concentrate that long with that whinny radio.
I bet all those guys are in the loony bin now????????????
Although it probably ended up being the camera.
It basically destroyed the views on this vid.

Need to climb some hills/ mountains….take a friggin shortcut, they're always worth it.
See what she'll do eh?…rules?????rules???? we don't need no rules…..we don't have no rules…..we don't need no rules????

After all this time and effort and then find that people drive these tracks everyday to work and back, really the going is very easy, pampered drivers and trucks both getting serviced each day [funny they show the oil changes but not the driver's ball changes] like where do they keep those "Ladies of the Night"??? OK, no worries man…

I'd seriously LOVE!!! with my last breath to take up the challenge of taking part in the Dakar being ex-military and BMW Engineer as well as professional Motorcycle racer!????????

J'étais déjà déçu de la tournure de la course les dernières années, devenu inintéressante au possible grâce aux talents de france tv. Le dakar a perdu son âme, ca devient une course comme les autres, avec de beaux paysages certes. Faudrait interroger les pionniers pour voir si ils pensent aussi que l'arabie saoudite est une "étape logique" pour le dakar mdr. Ca n'a plus de sens, ce n'est plus du rallye raid. Pilotes pro et chacun pour sa gueule, meme les solo ont maintenant une mentalité de winner et espèrent jouer le classement au lieu d'aider leurs copains dans la merde au bord du chemin. Fini pour moi adieu

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